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University of Connecticut UConn Co-op

Faculty Textbook Information & Services

Coursebook Requisitions

By submitting your requisition forms early you will virtually ensure the availability of coursebooks and supplies when they are needed.

Contact Information

Rick Hanna, Cousebook Department Supervisor,

Steve Kochenburger, Coursebook Buyer & Course Pack Supervisor,

Madeline Spata, Coursebook Division Manager,

David Yutzey, Coursebooks for Storrs and Regional Campus Locations

Phone (860)486-3727


Coursebook Availability  

We rely on you to fulfill our agreement as the official University bookstore to carry every coursebook, every course readings packet, every lab manual, everything that your students need for all your courses. This is our commitment to you, to our members and to the entire University community.
If you anticipate a delay in submitting your requisition, please let us know: Contact Rick Hanna, Steve Kochenburger at (860)486-3727.

Curriculum Support Materials

Students need more than textbooks. We are committed to stocking all the coursewear, engineering supplies, art supplies, lab notebooks, biology equipment and other supplies and materials your students need.
Simply add these items to your coursebook requisition form or contact Shirley Rakos in our academic supplies department, (860)486-2653.


Custom Course Material

Our custom course materials printing service meets a variety of needs. We've been providing the University faculty with this service since 1978, and we're sure that our experience will furnish you with the results that you expect.

Custom Printed Course Packs

Custom printed course materials at competitive prices.
We can print any number of copies.
We offer several binding options.
Course materials shelved conveniently with textbooks.
We will obtain copyright permission for you.

How the Process Works

Lab Manuals, Course Notes, Syllabi and
Original Material NOT REQUIRING Copyright Permission.
Bring us clean, original paper copies and we will reproduce them in a timely manner.
Supply us with a cover page or we will produce a generic one with the course, section number and your name. We strongly recommend that you get them to us as early as possible.
Customized Course Packs, Out of Print Books and Materials REQUIRING Copyright Permission Clearance.
Please Plan Ahead.
Obtaining copyright permission can take as long as six weeks. Copyrights must be cleared or renewed each semester, whether they have been cleared before or not.
Ideally, we would like a clean, original paper copy at this time, but we can get started on the permissions process immediately if you supply us with the following information:

Information Needed From Faculty:

For Books:
Copyright Year
Designated Pages to be Reproduced
Your Estimated Enrollment
For Journals/Magazines:
Title of Journal/Magazine
Title of Article(s)
Designated Pages to be Reproduced
Your Estimated Enrollment
*We obtain all necessary permissions and will get in touch with you if any of the copyright permission fees are unusually high or if we feel there will be a delay in the production of your course pack. We assemble your material, prepare a master copy including copyright acknowledgments, and send it to be printed.

Course Pack Pricing

Since each course pack is customized to fit the need of individual professors, prices will vary. In general, we figure printing costs at 9¢ per page. Publishers' permission fees, if any, are simply divided among the number of course packs produced. There is no additional charge for three-hole punching and packaging unbound materials in plastic bags.

We offer a variety of options for finishing/assembling and binding course packs, and will be happy to discuss the costs of these options with you. We do everything we can to keep the prices of course packs as low as possible.

If you have any questions about course packs please call Steve Kochenburger, Julie Laumark or Madeline Spata at (860) 486-3727.


Desk Copies

Most publishers provide free desk copies to faculty members using the textbook in a course. The publishers prefer to deal directly with faculty members. Click here to see a list of publishers and their contact information.



If you have any questions or if we can clarify any of the information presented here, please contact us.